Naturans [from Latin “Nature Naturans”] – transl. “nature that generates, creates”

Naturans.bike is an artisan company based on advanced wood processing. This noble material, with its potential not yet fully exploited, can be called “natural carbon” due to its anatomical characteristics. When combined with epoxy resins, wood fibers return a composite with high mechanical properties. Naturans.bike, thanks to the latest processing techniques and structural gluing, today produces performance wood frame bikes.

Naturans.bike combines 3D layout, sought-after design and craft traditions.

In 2014, after the initial phase of research and design, the first frame prototype came to life. The following year, a second model was designed, which then followed a road test period that generated additional projects with the aim to improve the profile of the tubular sections.

The matured experience has specifically defined the constructive process: the creation of each frame starts with a careful selection of the planks according to the dispositions of the veins, the growth rings and the type of cutting – whether of quarter or parallel – compared to the original trunk. Each plank, which shows suitable features, finds a precise placement in the frame. After the first cut, follows repeated and alternating stages of bonding, manufacturing and assembling. For the construction of a single frame it takes about 55 hours of work, except for the time required to catalyze the resins which amount to five phases of 48 hours each. Marine epoxy resins and two-component polyurethane varnishes guarantee wood protection.

Each frame is unique, for the design of the veins and shades of wood.


Another prototype with partial paint colour trail

3D design and road tests

Continued prototyping and testing, aimed to pursue the perfect bicycle in wood, has led to the creation of frames of the tubular section with variable thickness”

In 2014, a patent application was filed concerning an internal structuring solution of the main triangle and an experimental concept of radial Head Tube. Further developments and tests were done and which have led to a further patent application for the rear triangle.


The Naturans.bike frames have successfully passed the laboratory tests performed by a specialized institute according to ISO 4210-2.


Cesenatico, Italy

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