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13th place overall at GF Pantani 2018
12th place overall at GF Peschiera
6th time in the history of the Cornacchiara descent
14th place overall / 1st category GF Scarponi 2019
23th place overall / 1st category GF del Sale
13th place overall / 1st category GF degli Squali

What are the advantages of a wooden frame?

  • Comfort: wood naturally dampens the vibrations coming from the road.
  • Performance: the damping of vibrations implies a greater smoothness of the bike.
  • Eco-friendly: wood is the only material coming from renewable sources.

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    Gran Fondo Marco Pantani

Riding a wooden bike Naturans is a unique sensory experience.
The awareness that nature can provide us with a means to perform our tours, improves our cycling experience and makes us feel in tune with the mood we are looking for every time we use a bicycle.

F. Castellani making exclusive and ethical choice wooden bicycles frames.

From a dynamic point of view, the main features of a tubular frame are represented by the high comfort and fluidity of use, given by the intrinsic capacity of the wood to dampen the vibrations coming from the road and which otherwise enter into resonance in the frames.

Compliance with safety regulations, with special attention to design, our wooden bicycles are entirely made in Italy and equipped with high-level components.

wooden frame section

Hollow profiles with variable thickness

Research, testing and development have led to the improvement of the use of wood in the bicycle sector, making it a real alternative to the use of chemical synthesis materials such as carbon and aluminum.

Wooden bicycles









The frames are entirely made in italy, on a small scale, with great care for details and rigorous calculations regarding the dimensioning of profiles and their interaction with the components.
Wood used is ash, hardwood species, used since ancient times where high mechanical strength and stability were required. The ash was used for the construction of wagons, work tool handles, stairs, oars and even for the construction of car (like British Morgan) and aircraft chassis.
Today, the use of wood in the bicycle sector, coupled with the latest machining techniques, is explained by its excellent dynamic qualities and the great damping capacity of the vibrations.

Race Bike Division of Peschiera del Garda, 12th place overall on 1500 riders.

bici legno

Live the nature. Ride Naturans.

Wooden bicycles



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